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Car batteries. You rarely think about them. And you see them even less. Your Toyota just seems to run for ever, and your happy about that. You turn the key, it starts, and your Toyota happily takes you where you want to go. But you're going to have a tough time getting your car to go anywhere without a good working fully charged battery unless your car has a hand crank lever on the front like they did so many years ago. The battery in your car is essential to it's operation; even more so now than before as our cars become more a more computerized.

Your car is an engineering an technological marvel! Today's cars have more electronic systems, sensors, and computers than ever before. All of those systems use electricity to function and they rely on a consistent and constant electric energy flow, and your battery is part of that system. When the car's engine isn't running and generating electricity, then those systems rely the battery to keep them alive. Think about it for a second... when you push that "unlock" button on your key's not magic. Instead, it's the battery that is keeping the a computer radio antenna alive and constantly listening for the signal from your key fob that says "unlock the doors". And when it comes time to start the engine, it's the battery that has to produce enough juice, enough amperage to charge the copper wiring sufficiently enough to create a magnetic field strong enough to turn the internal parts of an engine that weighs 300 to 600 pounds. It's a lot of work!

Suffice it to say a battery is part of the lifeblood of your vehicle and absolutely essential to getting you where you need to go. It's a plastic package housing an array of lead and precious metal plates and elements all soaking in an solution to conduct electricity. And it has to withstand pounding, jolts, bumps, extreme cold and heat without the internal parts cracking and shorting out. So, taking care to ensure your battery is functioning properly is important. Even the best kept battery eventually fades in capacity over time. If you've experienced your lights dimming when you start the vehicle, or if the engine seems to not "turn over" as quickly when starting, or have had to jump start your vehicle, it may be time to replace your battery. Sometimes your battery is barely holding on, running at minimum capacity, and then we get a blast of cold or extremely hot weather and it just can't tolerate it. And just like that... your car will not start. The battery just can't produce the amperage needed any more.

Do you realize each car, each computer, and each sensor has it's own voltage and amperage and flow requirements? Having the correct battery for your car is essential to it's optimum performance. Checking to make sure your battery is functioning properly is quick and easy, and our Toyota factory trained technicians at Hampton Toyota can perform this check for you. It's a comprehensive electronic battery diagnostic check and can determine if your battery is in need of replacement. And if it does need replacing, doesn't it make sense to get the battery that your car was designed to operate with?

Hampton Toyota recommends replacing your battery with a Toyota TrueStart battery. TrueStart batteries are manufactured to Toyota's standards. In other words, they are specifically designed to meet the needs of your Toyota. And they come with an unbeatable warranty too! They've been thoroughly tested for use in your Toyota vehicle.

Don't take a chance with a weak battery. Let us perform a battery check or replacement for you today at Hampton Toyota. It's quick. It's easy. Whether it's a Toyota Camry, a Tacoma, or 4Runner, Hampton Toyota keeps keep a large selection of Toyota car, truck, and SUV batteries in stock so you can be in and out quicker which will save you time. And our prices are very competitive. If you need a genuine Toyota brand battery specifically designed to fit  your Toyota's size and specification requirements then call our Toyota Parts Department in Lafayette, LA today at (866) 795-8305.




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